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Clearspace is an aspect of Mums Angels Cleaning that is unique and specialised.

I work with hoarders that are ready to turn their home and lives around. Those first steps can be overwhelming and stop you in your tracks.

We work together in your home one room at a time, sorting through acres of items, setting achievable goals, and putting systems in place.

All the "stuff" that you are ready to let go of I bag and take away on the day. One of my passions in life is to recycle as much as possible, giving to organisations for animals & individuals in need.

Clearing can be very emotional. I am trained and continue to learn ways in which to support you emotionally and compassionately through this time.

My experience with clients is that once the hardest parts are cleared, you do feel energised and motivated to continue on alone. That being said I can support you in this change for as long as you feel is appropriate. I recommend that we work together at times when there is no-one else in the house, avoiding distraction.

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N (Ipswich)

I recently asked for help with my hoarding, and received help from Valerie. She is fabulous! She didn't pressure me to throw anything out, but asked me to find a home for it. In which I ended up giving unwanted (hoarding) things away. Her pleasant and encouraging influence has inspired me to keep going with my wish to change my ways. I am so looking forward to her next visit. She even gave me some wonderful inspiring advice as to ease the stress of the situation. Your team are truly angels!

Thanks Valerie from Mums Angels, Your friendly approach is exactly what I needed!

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declutter service Brisbane, Gold Coast,Moreton Bay, Redlands, Sydney, Penrith