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We love our NDIS Clients

We are delighted to be able to support all plan managed NDIS and self managed NDIS clients in the cleaning of their home. The scope of our service is broad under the heading of housekeeping as well as cleaning. Please feel free to discuss with us your particular needs and preferences for your NDIS plan.

You may be looking for a list of qualities in your NDIS support workers, similar to our list as we recruit our angels, that looks something like this:

  • Eye for Detail:
    a cleaner that meets your cleaning standards.

  • Consistency:
    a cleaner that does the same awesome job every time.

  • Reliability:
    a cleaner that turns up consistently at the agreed time.

  • Fluent English:
    a cleaner that you can communicate with easily.

  • Honesty & Integrity:
    a cleaner with a clear criminal record.

  • A Keeper:
    a permanent resident that is planning to stay for a while.


Why Choose Us

Mum’s Angels provides a variety of cleaning services. Choose us because of our reputation for excellence.

We Treat Your Homes Like Ours

We keep your home sparkling clean and germ free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our cleaners are insured for public liablity so no need to worry about your apartment or home.


$45 an hour with a 3-hour minimum, weekly or fortnightly, using the clients cleaning products.

We Are Experts

Our reliable and stable Angel understand your specific house and office clearning service needs.


Get In Touch

Hey, we can’t wait to start supporting you in cleaning your home and helping you to find the extra time that you’ve been looking for.

  • We Treat Your Homes Like Ours
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Immediate Quotes
  • We are Experts